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Testify as an expert witness in legal matters relating to fitness training, fitness equipment and product safety.
  • Fitness & Exercise Equipment
  • Sauna's and Steam
  • Fitness Facility Design
  • Consulting Specialist In All Aspects Of Fitness: Selectorized Equipment,
    Cardio Equipment, Free Weight Equipment, Plate Load Equipment, Equipment
    Design, Equipment Use, Sauna's, Steam, Flooring, Private Trainers, Signage,
    Warnings etc.
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Written Reports, Opinions, Declarations
  • Examine and Test Products
  • Research Literature
  • Assist In Litigation Support
  • Testify At Mediations, Arbitration's, Depositions & Trial
  • Physical On Site Inspections and Photo's
  • Analysis Made From Photographs
  • Measurements, Loads, Forces Taken
  • Questions Prepared For Interrogatories, Depositions and Trial
  • Provide Attorney With Strengths and Weaknesses Of The Case
  • Analyze Opposing Experts Reports and Prepare Questions for Experts
  • Interviews of Subject or Witnesses
  • Provide Standards Of The Industry, ASTM, ANSI, IHRSA, ACSM, and More
  • Provide Questions For The People Involved In The Fitness Industry Case
  • Maintain Catalogs On File That Go Back To 1958
  • Deseign Danger, Warning, Caution Labels for Fitness Equipment
  • Design Warning Signs for Sauna and Steam Rooms
  • Design Informational Placards for New Fitness Equipment


Frank J. Smith is an Expert Witness for Fitness Equipment with an emphasis on exercise equipment and sauna-steam rooms with design and manufacturing defects. We provide consulting for proper health club Design and personal trainers safety programs.