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Fitness Links

Fit Witness is a member of the health and exercise community. We strive to provide the best services and representation to our clients.
    • Learn about labor law regulations for HR posters and Legal workplace testing from a health club safety specialist.
    • How to get better fitness training help with a Health shop serving doctors and medical professionals.
    • ADA Expert Witness Testimony - Disability Access legal consulting for ADA compliance.
    • Good Chairs - Medical grade massage equipment to help you heal chronic physical conditions.
    • Gary Eto is a Personal Injury Attorney in California and product liability specialist who works to remove defective equipment from the marketplace.
    • BASIC Spine helps people injured in Southern California and have knee and joint pain - from working out on fitness equipment for gyms and provide professional excercise therapists.

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Frank J. Smith is an Expert Witness for Fitness Equipment with an emphasis on exercise equipment and sauna-steam rooms with design and manufacturing defects. We provide consulting for proper health club Design and personal trainers safety programs.