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Books, Videos, Manuals, Charts & Articles

  1. The Official Universal Workout Book
  2. The Power Pak Training Manuals
  3. The Power Pak Instructional Charts
  4. The Power Pak Instructional Videos
  5. The Strength of Notre Dame Training Manual
  6. The Strength of Notre Dame Training Video
  7. The Universal Gym Comprehensive Training Manual & Large Instructional Wall Chart
  8. How to Develop a Fitness Facility
  9. The Aerobic Super Circuit Programs
  10. The Aerobic Super Circuit Instructional Videos
  11. Peripheral Heart Training Circuit Program
  12. The Cardio Training Videos-Aerobicycle, Computerrow & Treadex Treadmill, Instructional Manuals for each of these Cardio Machines
  13. Universal Gym Rehabilitation Program for the knee, shoulder, elbow and hip
  14. Numerous Articles for the Winning Edge Magazine published six times a year and mailed to 27,000 schools, colleges, military locations, dealers world wide and sales personnel
  15. Recreation/Sport Instructional Wall Charts for Universal Gym Equipment
  16. Instructional Placards for Universal Multi Station Machines
  17. "The Universal Certifications Program three ring certification book, to certify fitness trainers and certification test
  18. The History of Weight Training. Prepared for The President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports (written history, slide & video presentation)
  19. Employee Health & Fitness, "The Corporate View". Prepared for The President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. Developed, organized, promoted and held six once a year symposiums for the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
  20. Several article handouts for The President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
  21. Published articles through the years for fitness magazines such as: Fitness Management, National Fitness Trade Journal, Ms. Fitness & Athletic Business, etc.
  22. The Flexasizer Instructional Chart
  23. The Flexasizer Training Video
  24. The Flexasizer Training Manual
  25. The Universal Gym Sales Training Manual (320 pages)
  26. Several Training Videos for Sales at Universal Gym
  27. Written, hard copy and audio tape presentations for sales of fitness products in 14 different market segments
  28. Manuals for nine national sales meetings for Universal Gym
  29. Ultra Power Sales Catalog
  30. Ten years of Universal Gym sales catalogs
  31. Universal Distributions catalogs and sales materials including: Power USA, Sauna & Steam and Fitness Flooring
  32. Articles for Tae Kwon Do Times magazine
  33. Blue Book of used equipment, used price, methods to refurbish and value for re-sale.
  34. Hoist Fitness Systems KL Line Children's & Teacher's Instructions, Hoist Fitness Systems Instructional Video of KL Systems, Warnings and cautions for each machine.
  35. Book -"The Art of UltraFlexing"
  36. Instructional DVD for the UltraFlex/Smith Stick
  37. Instructional Manuals for the Prodigy Adult & Children's Bikes and warning labels.
  38. Worked with Fred Lin to develop the Prodigy Owner's Service/Maintenance Manuals
  39. Instructional Flip Charts for UltraFlex/Smith Stick
  40. "The History of Circuit Training and Application of Circuit Training into School Programs," at all levels (manual)
  41. The "ACT-NOW Program" manual, Aerobic Circuit Training-Never Overweight
  42. Instructional DVD for the Physical Therapy market for TheraFlex by UltraFlex./Smith Stick
  43. The Smith Stick RX, Freedom Through Functionality Program for Geriatric/Rehabilitation Training Methods.
  44. The Smith Stick "Prime Exercise Functionality Program" book.
  45. 2011 to 2013 Consultant with Tuff Stuff Fitness Systems to write Instructional Manuals, Exercise Wall Charts and Warning/Caution/Danger Labels.


Frank J. Smith is an Expert Witness for Fitness Equipment with an emphasis on exercise equipment and sauna-steam rooms with design and manufacturing defects. We provide consulting for proper health club Design and personal trainers safety programs.